I Like the Suffering

by Suicide Notes in Crayon

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released October 20, 2016

Dan London - everything

Mixing on "The Cold" by Vincent Peters



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Suicide Notes in Crayon Coral Springs, Florida

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Track Name: I Like the Suffering
It's time that my heart's atrophied
and I don't mean to disappear
But things have been disillusioned and I've seen the cavity
A chest like an empty vessel
To show there's nothing there for me
Maybe I'll stick around
I guess I like the suffering
and the sullen state it brings.
Track Name: The Cold
You can crack my ribs but you won't find anything
It's been gone for quite some time
Maggots have made a home out of this chest
and I haven't been able to smile - my teeth have crumbled like fallen pyramids

I'm getting used to the cold

Dead leaves once painted the streets in orange and brown
Now winter's breath caresses my skin
but I've forgotten how to feel
Just as the autumn leaves
have forgotten how to retain green.
Track Name: Improbable Mending
I guess the drinking really helped you with communication
and the time you spent with me
Never mind the emotions that separate me from reality
It's okay you didn't feel the same

We don't know what we want
But I do
We don't know what we want
Or I thought I did...

I've written you memos to collect my thoughts
None of which satisfied me
These thoughts of you flooding my mind
They never end like fractals

We don't know what we want
But I do
We don't know what we want
Or I thought I did...
Track Name: Lullaby for the Insomniac
I thought you taught me how to love
But my heart only grew smaller
My chest has caved in since our last memory
There's not much left in me
and I don't think watering the wilted petals will do much
Just as a lullaby refuses to soothe the insomniac.
Track Name: Heart Failure
My spirit crumbles like wave stricken sand castles
and there isn't a junkyard big enough for my dreams
Scrap my heart for it is useless
It's failed me repeatedly
This earth is where I've sojourned
and I think it's time for it to be over
And I've stopped eating
To thin the chalk outline as to not ruin the street.
Track Name: Forgotten Like a Time Capsule
It's better to let go
Of all our memories

There is no progression when we have nothing to look forward to
All you've worked for will soon be over

And we'll be forgotten
Like a time capsule filled with fading memories.
Track Name: Iridescence Fades
Nothing seems to really placate these emotions
and sometimes I wish we would have both died in the crash
I'd do anything for an out of body experience
Just to see ourselves eject from the windshield
I once saw him with cataracts
A sour heart eclipsed by such charisma
But now iridescence fades
And his lustrousness becomes clouded
I once would have broken his legs just to be his crutch.